Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hot Times!

June 11, 2015-

Today Pam and I ran 4 mins at a 5 mile pace, or at least the best to date that we could run......then we rest for a minute before doing it again. We did this 4 times.......we were too fast but we brought on a little speed. We figure we can try to keep up with our fellow canine and human companion friends at the NYC AMC Doggy Dash- hey, maybe someone will run our speed! I think that today we also got a taste of the hot temps that we should be having on July 19th.....

We found out the 25 fellow canine friends that will be running along side of us....we cannot wait to meet them. You can read all about them and me at:

Our soon to be NEW friends (virtually now!) are:

Grayson (last years 3rd place winner, thinking we'll see him at the start and finish at least)
Dakota Cahill
Dakota Keller
Marley (known to be seen throughout the racing scene)
We are still reading up on our soon to be new friends, hey maybe we can stop by our favorite outdoor café with some of them (if not all!) after the race and have some doggy ice cream and something for our two legged companions and get to know one another!
Skyler and Pam found out about protecting our paws back in 2009 when they were getting to run their first Doggy Dash. As the course pavement can get HOT, to protect our paws our two legged companions can go out and get Mushers Wax to apply to our paws! Pam found something similar from Four Paws called Paw Guard.
 You can also use doggy booties to protect their paws. These are just a few things to think about and have on temps can rise in the next 5 weeks! Also whenever you can use the grassy sides to walkways, roadways to allow your dog to avoid the HOT asphalt! Yes even in NYC's Central Park you can find grassy areas!

Also for both parts of our teams KEEP hydrated! We do not want to see anyone passing out because of dehydration! And even the short distances can lead to heat related injuries! Yes, training your body to take in fluids during the race can make or break a successful race!

Oh yeah I have to mention the featured athlete on the website- Dr Robert Monaco, DVM. go to to read all about this accomplished athlete! As well as a friend of ours!

Until tomorrow,
have a happy tail waggin' day,


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