Sunday, May 31, 2015

Rock And Rolling On.....

May 31, 2015-

The AMC of NY, recommends Rock It, we just extended the name of the exercise! What you will need are your dog, you, and a bosu- or something you can rock back and forth. Something like a rocking chair, air mattress, couch cushion, or anything you can rock back and forth.

Here is what you do:
Stand your dog on the chosen "rocker" and slowly rock the dog and "rocker" back and forth.
The dog will automatically shift it's weight to maintain balance with every motion!

Once again you can do the same, the investment of a Bosu ball could only benefit both you and your dog and can help with your new found love PUPILATES! We'll talk more about this in the blogs to come in the up and coming weeks and months!

Can you believe May is at it's end today, tomorrow is June 1st and we are getting closer to the start of our new training program, are you getting ready?......We are, we are well rested from our marathon and this week we make sure that we are WELL rested and ready to start training for a great race ahead! We got to talk to the wonderful people at the NYC Tri team, Korff Enterprises, I hope I spelled that right. They are so great Jacquelyn, Linsey and the team are getting things ready and are getting so excited! As are we!....They are taking care of the behind the scenes stuff and have so much to do, having volunteered years ago, Pam got to know some of what went on behind the scenes and she has to say it takes a lot of organization! Skyler and Pam really took everything seriously and put their best paw/ foot forward and I shall do the same!

Ok, so more tomorrow, THANK YOU to the NYC TRI TEAM!
Have a tail waggin' day!

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