Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Our last week of our training.....

May 18, 2015-

Today was a big day.....We ran our 5 miles of course.......and we stopped at the bagel store (I had a bagel and two rolls), then we headed over to the vet's we didn't go in but I said hello and we ran on over to the dogpark, where I met another friend named Oscar! He was FULL of energy, so I ran around with him for a few minutes. Then we went on through to the other side and continued through the trails. Nothing out of the ordinary yet......right?!?!?!?

Just after noon time, though, a friend that I had joined on walks came over to visit over night.....his name in Buddy, he is a Golden Retriever. (I have to admit, he knows the GOLDEN part of his breed BUT when it comes to retrieving no way, Pam through the ball in the backyard......he went after it but he came back without it!......He found a spot in the backyard to call his own, we think he lies next to the truck because it reminds him of his best friends van.......

He went next door to say Hi! and when he walked outside, he took his leash in his mouth,  and walked along the pathway over to the gate and went directly to his spot. He went back next door to eat and have his medication, and say Hi later.

Tomorrow we will get some more photos and videos of our dear sweet new friend named Buddy, but until now he will sleep next to us and he will be upset because he is missing his home and family. I will along with Sandy and Candycane and Benji give him kisses and company to get him through the next few hours.......We will go on a walk after our run tomorrow......He does like our walks of course. And of course, like every dog that comes around here, he has enjoyed taste of our Vegan dog food......Pam had to take the food and put it up high out of his reach, as he has his specific dietary needs! Buddy will keep his security leash in his mouth until he is home and with his best friend tomorrow. And he will be missed by our pack!

Until tomorrow,
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