Sunday, May 17, 2015

One more week to go......

May 17, 2015-

As we move into Race week.....we have just 7 days left to our training and marathon day! Although we have decided not to race our marathon but to enjoy every step along our journey, we are going to leave you with some details today for the (drumroll please) the big day.......

We will be leaving the house early on Sunday morning (May 24th and starting towards Smithtown By Pass, and travel east bound towards Middle Country Rd), we will be leaving as early as possible for several reasons.....first to avoid as much traffic as possible, second to avoid any rise in temperature for as much as our run as possible.....we will have water for both of us on Pam (she has a hydration belt that we share from)........We will give Mom a pack with stuff in case of an emergency, which Mom will have with her as she checks in with us, including water and paw protection wax, and possibly any bagels for me and bananas for Pam!.......We will bring a few dollars for emergency purchases of water or stuff from Petco or other places along our route (if they happen to be open). And of course, Pam will have enough doggy poop bags to pickup after me (this is something she makes sure of, as she expects others to do the same and doesn't want to be a hypocrite).......

She promises to let me stop and have some sniff time to let me be the HOUND dog that I am......I hope I can last 10-12 miles without stopping to sniff to much!.......We will be passing by so many sites, and I hope Pam and I will stop for some photo ops along the way!

We will make a right on Wading River Manor Road eventually......and whew almost done! Oh butnot before we pass by the dogpark along the course, I may just have to bring Pam to the dogpark for a quick visit!

Moving on through our course......We will soon make a left onto Grumman Blvd (not sure why this is called Grumman Blvd, I wonder if Grumman is or was on this street- this is a huge company that manufactured some great things here on Long Island)........This will soon turn into River Road and lead right into Kent Animal Shelter where we will end and meet up with anyone at the shelter (and maybe have a walk through so Scout can see his ole friends in the kennel (if we are able to- depending on the feelings of the kennel workers and staff at the shelter.......).....We will get to meet and greet everyone and say hey, we did our best to keep Kent Animal Shelter in our hearts and mind.

Our main goal of this marathon (or goals) are to encourage people and their dogs to get out there and GET THEIR LEASH ON and get moving together! To raise money for Kent! The wonderful staff at Kent Animal Shelter was so worried about Scout being an escape artist that they stressed the necessity for exercise, I do not think they realized at the time that Pam would run Skyler, Sandy, and Candycane, and now me so much to the point where I was WELL exercised.

I will try to have Pam post photos to where she is on Facebook, so you can follow her at either (thehealthydogrunner or Pamela Schmidlin) there here is the link: or the photo ops along the way.......hoping every say 6 miles or thereabouts to do photo ops!......I will look up at her with puppy dog eyes to get her to stop for photo ops!.......

Okay so that is the blog for today, I am going to rest up for tomorrow's run and get ready by staying loose and limber for next Sunday!.......Hope you can donate and help Kent Animal Shelter help the other dogs and cats there! (and do not forget to adopt your best friend please do not BUY! Let us adopt you as well, it is a two way relationship you know!)
Don't forget about our fundraiser for the shelter that helped me find my furever home!
You can help us help them out (did I just go all Jerry Maguire on you all there?!?!?).....anyway click on these links and you can buy our book- in fact, we will start instead of just the month of May- we will extend it from April 15 to May 24th and with every book sold we will donate a portion of the proceeds to Kent Animal Shelter......
 Hard copy version:
EBook Version:
 To make a donation to Kent Animal Shelter go to out Crowdrise fundraiser page here:

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