Saturday, May 23, 2015

May 22 Blog

May 22, 2015-

As we trained today, a few short days to the marathon, I really took advantage of the REST day.....can you tell?!??!?! So here I am RESTING up for Sunday morning......tomorrow we will take a little stroll- a quick 2 miles just to keep loose and ready for our LONGEST run of 16 weeks of training! Do I look well rested?!?!??!

We did have a guest today as well......who ran around outside with me a little bit, although I came in and rested more than Buddy, I think he rested outside while I was in though. BUT I needed to rest more than he did!.....

Can you tell Buddy just came from getting groomed......he looks good BUT Pam says his tail looks like a long poodle tail....who would trim a Golden's tails like that?.... and yes Buddy was actually retrieving today so I guess he does get the RETRIEVER part of his breed afterall- Way to go Buddy!

Until tomorrow,
Don't forget about our fundraiser for the shelter that helped me find my furever home!
You can help us help them out (did I just go all Jerry Maguire on you all there?!?!?).....anyway click on these links and you can buy our book- in fact, we will start instead of just the month of May- we will extend it from April 15 to May 24th and with every book sold we will donate a portion of the proceeds to Kent Animal Shelter......
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 To make a donation to Kent Animal Shelter go to out Crowdrise fundraiser page here:
Our last rest day is tomorrow, with a partial rest on Saturday.....Gotta go get some sleep now, check in tomorrow with us!


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