Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Happy Butt Scratch Dance

May 27, 2015-

Today we're talking about the HAPPY BUTT SCRATCH DANCE! The Animal Medical Center suggests an exercise which we kinda do already is effective and who would have guessed that is so useful to us! And hey it is something that we kinda started with our human companions. Yes, we bring it on.....we back up or rub up against our human friends and get their hands scratching our butts!We know what's best for us and we get it!

It's simple and easy and we can get anyone to help us with it! And yes there is a bonus which I will get to in a moment!

Here's all you need to do:
Get your human to scratch the rear end of your body,  just backup or slide next to your human of choice and rub up against them and if you can grab their hand if not they will usually just move their hand over your back and start scratching your back, just move your body so their hand is scratching your butt (do not worry humans you are scratching your dogs back but the lower portion!)

From this action most dogs will dance side to side to get the full scratch all over and shift their weight from side to side therefore strengthening their muscles! And bonus: Touch also serves to soothe a mildly upset or anxious canine.  However, be cautious: It has little impact — and may cause further anxiety — if your dog is overly stressed.

Oh bonus- this is great for humans as well. Touch between a human and a dog can have therapeutic benefits for both species. In humans, petting a dog can trigger the release of the bonding hormone oxytocin.  Feeling that fur can also lower your heart rate and blood pressure.

So go do the Happy Butt Dance with your human companion today and get healthy!

Until tomorrow,
have a happy butt dancing tail waggin day,

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