Wednesday, May 6, 2015

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May 6, 2015-

Where to start today.....ok, Pam and I woke up today and headed out for a 8 mile run.....despite the fact that Pam could decide whether of not to wear her rain jacket, or not! She had it on then took it off, overall deciding to run without the jacket. Considering we only had a few drops of rain I think it was a wise decision!

Okay, so we set out on our run for the day.....we came across our friend that likes to truly try to jump over the fence. I keep telling Pam to ask his owners if we can take him out to Get His Leash On!!!! He seriously can use a run with us! (OR maybe it's a she, sorry didn't look close enough!- here is a past video of this dog)......

Ok so we moved on after saying hello to him again.....(I think the people lined up to drive into the school were entertained by us saying hello too!)
Ok, so we ran another what 2 miles and we came across yet another new friend, a what I think Pam called him a Belgium Shepard, you can see him in this next video- maybe he was a she again we didn't look that close. But even Pam got a kiss from this great dog, now Pam really wants to run with this dog- he/she reminded both of us of the late GREAT Skyler...... pictured below.....Just a lot furrier than Skyler as Skyler was true to the German Shepard breed (although definitely a mix breed).....

Ok, after we had our little meet and greet with our NEW friend there, we continued on to check for bagels at my favorite recarbing up place.....Boulevard Bagels......
now, I knew there were bagels in there but Pam said that she couldn't reach them so we moved on.....and we ended up in front of my vets office......and in front of the office there is a garbage pail, and with my hound dog sniffer I smelled something in that garbage pail- it was half a bagel, I tried to get it- watch the video below to have a laugh, Pam laughed! She just wasn't going to stick her hand in that garbage pail, not knowing what else was in there, if you get my drift. Can't say I blame her. We kinda both agree that if there is a garbage pail in front of a vet office you should refrain from throwing food stuffs in there, I mean that is one way of inviting animals to pick from it and have it possibly knocked over!
So we continued on after my attempts to get the bagel were not successful! And Pam promised me she would get me some bagels or cheese or something good! (By the way, she held true to her word, I ended up having three bagels for lunch!)
After we finished our walk, we came home I rested with Sandy and Candycane- as they were running free in the backyard the whole time just being DOGS! While Pam took Benji out for a walk around the block! Benji had his mile walk.
Pam came home had her smoothie and got ready to head out again. This time we got in the car and headed over to see another dog named Buddy. A Golden Retriever, in Northport. When we got to his house, we was excited to see his dogwalker/runner Pam. He wanted all of her attention so I just went to check things out in the yard and smell all the different smells and all while Pam said hello to Buddy. He just wanted to get out and walk with her though! So we all ended up going for a 1.25 mile walk/ run..... 
The first video is Buddy saying come on let's get our leash on already, I want to get going! The second video is of us leading the way together and enjoying our walk/ run with Pam in tow!
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Have a tail waggin' day and I'll see you tomorrow,
Scout and Pam

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