Friday, May 29, 2015

Being Athletically Inclined!

May 29, 2015-

Can you believe it May is almost over! Time moves fast....We've have been thinking of this the last 24 hours, as a close family friend and her family has been going through a lot with her health. We wish her the best and hope she is ok today! We do not want anything to happen to her as she really means so much to so many including us.......
Our friend Buddy, is her four legged companion and is hoping for his best friends recovery today as well.......Until she is ok, he will be holding on to his security leash!

Moving on to the exercise of the day that the AMC has suggested for our dogs. They suggest that our dogs become athletically inclined.

What you need is you, your dog (a spotter or coach dog is always a plus! Way to go Skyler!) And of course a physioball or Swissball! Basically you will get your dog to put their front paws onto the ball which in turn will strengthen their hind legs, next you will get their hind legs up on the ball strengthening their front legs. Always have one hand on the ball to hold it steady and/ or one on your dog!

Tip: You can use a treat to get your dog up on the ball whether that treat is a food treat or a favorite toy is up to you. If a treat is a kiss or a scratch on the head even better! Always make sure your dog is comfortable doing any exercise and that your dog trusts you, or you will never get your dog up on the ball!

You should repeat this exercise several times and equally on the front and hind limbs! Your dog is building their strength keep up the good work together.  You can also do the same for yourself  for these exercises and get similar results!

Ok, until tomorrows blog,
have a tail waggin' day,

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