Sunday, May 24, 2015

Maratthon Day.......

May 24, 2015-

Today  I completed my first Marathon! Yippee! We started off at 5 am this 11am we had finished.......we had several water stops along the way, I had several bathroom breaks as well, which took a little longer because Pam had to take out a poop bag and pick up after me! Then we saw a bat lying on the ground that had passed away, we saw rabbits, squirrels, chickens, horses, goats, and a prarie dog!

Okay for some reason I am tired so I am going to get that much needed sleep.....I do want to remember the service of my 2 legged pal/ companion Pam as she is a veteran of the US military on this Memorial Day weekend. And thank you to all her friends that served with her and all our veterans past and present and future!

Oh Pam and I will be starting out training for our 5 mile doggy dash soon, so stay tuned.....we hope to interview other runners/ participants of this race in the up and coming race as well......and add more to our blogs!

Until tomorrow,

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