Thursday, May 7, 2015

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May 7, 2015-

Today Pam and I set out for a 5 mile run......coming closer to our taper weeks.......We have a total of 16 day before the marathon date.....

Today we ran to the bagel store, and then around the back of the stores and around to the vet office. Pam is actually shocked that still try to get into the vet office even after they gave me a shot!

Shortly after that we decided to go straight across the street to the dogpark. Where I got to go off leash legally and safely.  To sniff and run and meet new dogs!

Once we left the dogpark, we ran around the gazebo and headed home. Once again it was a short 5 mile it seemed, wait be patient I will tell you more in a second!

Upon running home we came across a sign for an upcoming race on May 17, 2015. This run actually has a deeper meaning to Pam because she personally suffered not a full stroke but several mini strokes the last few years. As far as the testing that they do on any illness, condition, or whatever she may not support the way that doctors in humanely research, or unintelligently do their research. I mean that cat across the street and yourself do not have the same bodily characteristics overall, maybe some things in common but not enough to see a true effect of said testing. But as far as bringing awareness and bringing prevention to STOKES! She must say that she is totally standing behind the cause for this race. Due to my marathon training I will not be racing this race BUT since this race runs right past my house, you can bet I will be out there cheering everyone on. Hey, I may just offer to help set up a water station in front of my house.  After you pass my house, about 1/8 way down the road you will be making a left hand turn UP the hill! So this is a heads up that there is a hill (if you look at my driveway, you can get an idea about the hill steepness and almost the length (ok, the hill ahead is a little longer but it will give you a general idea of what is about to come!)

I have to let you see me running, and running from the front view....Pam is happy when she gets to shoot me from the front as opposed to shooting my rear! Honestly, I love to show my face too!
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Have a tail waggin' day and I'll see you tomorrow,
Scout and Pam

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