Monday, May 25, 2015

more on training.....

May 25, 2015-

So for the next 6 actually 7 weeks, we will be adding an abs routine into the mix.....starting tomorrow that is.....We had to take today off and REST!

Anyway tomorrow we will start the day out with this routine:

traditional crunches 15 reps
bent leg knee raise 15 reps
oblique v-up 10 each side
bridge 2 reps
back extension 15 reps
squat 12 reps
bench press 10 reps
pulldown 10 reps
military press 10 reps
upright row 10 reps
triceps pushdown 12 reps
leg extension 12 reps
biceps curl 10 reps
leg curl 12 reps

Then we will continue to plant some plants in our garden. Such as tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, eggplant, peppers, beans, and swiss chard. And hopefully we will have a lot of great food to eat this summer, maybe into the fall! YUM!!

We will be planting organic, NON GMO plants and all! Skyler insisted on it! And so do I, and Sandy!

Check out her blog tomorrow for some photos and videos of the whole planting adventure!
We hope you decide to plant your own garden along with us- and choose to go organic!

Until tomorrow,
have a tail waggin' day!,

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