Tuesday, May 26, 2015

First day of new training/ part one......

May 27, 2015-

For the next week I get to take it easy- yuck! I just want to run......
Anyway,  today I got to assist Pam while she did her core workout!

Ok, for the next few days we will attempt to discuss some recommended exercises for dogs and running. These are recommended by the AMC- Animal Medical Center in NYC. There are 10 recommended exercises- we will break things down in detail for us as well as you to understand more about why it would be recommended.

Ok, here we go.....
The first exercise is Downhill Walking. This should be done slow and controlled. Walking on hills is great to strengthen your dogs hind limbs. When walking uphill, the majority of your dogs weight is shifted to it's rear legs. Therefore strengthening it's hind legs and back. Walking uphill also improves hip and knee extension. WAIT-what goes up must come down right?!?!?!

Whereas walking downhill, is more difficult because it requires more flexion/extension of the hip, knee, and hock joint. Which is very beneficial. Hill grade is important but any hill or slope will do and should be used with caution.

- encouraging use of affected muscles
-decreases disuse/ muscle atrophy
- increases strength
- rebuilds lost muscle mass
- improves range of motion

With any exercise keep an eye on your dog and look for any discomfort, and remember to start out with shorter hills and/ or less steep hills at first and work your way up to high hills!

To start controlled hill walking you should use a short leash.....and proceed slowly up the hill. Observing your dog closely. Normal, even strides are what we are looking for here! The slower you walk the more properly your dog will proceed. Do the same going downhill. The key word here is CONTROLLED!

We will be showing some videos of these exercises over the next few weeks as we practice these exercises......so stay tuned.....

Ok, until tomorrow,
have a tail waggin' day,

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