Saturday, May 23, 2015

Early Blog......

May 23, 2015-

Okay so tomorrow is the big day that we've been training for......Today we have a quick very easy 2 mile run to help us stay loose for tomorrow.

We will try our best to post to Facebook every few miles to show where we are and how we are doing....this will of course take a few minutes and add it to our finishing time, so once again we are not running this for a time. We are running for the dogs and cats of Kent Animal Shelter first and foremost. And of course to promote the art of "getting your leash on"!

It will be an early rise and start....but Pam and I will be running our 2 mile, carbing up.....hydrating and getting ready for tomorrow today, and then heading out for our journey!.....We hope that you get to come out and cheer us on tomorrow, if not you can cheer us on on Facebook, Path, and Twitter......

Until tomorrow,
Don't forget about our fundraiser for the shelter that helped me find my furever home!
You can help us help them out (did I just go all Jerry Maguire on you all there?!?!?).....anyway click on these links and you can buy our book- in fact, we will start instead of just the month of May- we will extend it from April 15 to May 24th and with every book sold we will donate a portion of the proceeds to Kent Animal Shelter......
 Hard copy version:
EBook Version:
 To make a donation to Kent Animal Shelter go to out Crowdrise fundraiser page here:
Our last rest day is tomorrow, with a partial rest on Saturday.....Gotta go get some sleep now, check in tomorrow with us!
Alright so I am going to go get ready for my day and for tomorrow, keep up with us tomorrow- oh yeah, the posts may not come until after the halfway point as we will be trying to avoid as much traffic as we will post the beginning of our journey then do not be surprised if we do not post until after 12 or 13 miles! BUT we will keep you in the loop tune into to Facebook......ok?!?!??!


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