Thursday, May 28, 2015

Paws Up!

May 28,2015-

So today we will be talking about an exercise that is easy to teach and rewarding for your canine companion as well. Wait, it can be impressive for a lot of 2 legged pals of yours out there!

Most dogs will automatically give you their paw if they want that treat your holding onto!....They will try to tell you HEY, that is now mine!......

But we're taking this to a new level! We will be taking this natural task of our dogs and making it a welcomed trick! And hopefully only have them do it on command! Here's what to do: (of course, as with anything there are dozens of ways to train any specific command, but here's how Pam has done it with all of us!)

1- Have your dog sit in front of you, and face you! Easy right?!?!??! This is of course easy as long as  you can get your dog to sit nicely!

2- Next you should have a treat ready and be holding it in your hand, this can be a food treat or even a toy, whatever your dog seems interested in at the time! Is your dog interested?!?!?!? Yes, good! No- go find something else your dog would want at this time- it could also be his or her leash!.......Yes, your dog may want to "Get their Leash On!"

3- Now, offer your dog the treat, but before your dog receives the treat, make sure they give you their paw, you may have to go down and grab (gently of course) their paw while saying "Paw" or "High Five" or "Shake" .......oh yeah make sure you say the same thing every time so your dog equates the command with that specific action!

4- Once their paw is in your hand you should IMMEDIATELY give the treat to your dog and verbally reward your dog, saying "Good Dog, or Good (insert dog's name)...... etc......

5- This as with any command  can take time to teach BUT the greater the reward for your dog, the more willing they will be to accomplish the task!

Okay, now that we know how to teach the command, here is the benefit for your dog:
By reaching their paws up, by the way you should do this at least 2-3 times on each side- yes, we have paws on the right and left! By doing this our dogs are exercising their shoulders, front legs, and elbows!

The benefit for our 2 legged companions is that they get to show off the trick they just taught us and get to show off the politeness of their 4 legged pals! And at the end of the Doggy Dash participants can give each other a HIGH FIVE for a great race!

Ok, so that was more about the Exercise of the day brought to you first by the AMC in NYC, and continued here on my blog! Hope you enjoyed go GET YOUR LEASH ON! and then after your workout you too can High Five each other for a job well done!

Until tomorrow,
have a tail waggin' day,

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