Sunday, May 24, 2015

More training......

May 25, 2015-

, Okay, so we have decided on a new training plan for the upcoming 5 mile NYC AMC Doggy Dash coming up. There is so much more training for me other than just making sure that we can cover the distance and in a good time for both of us.....we will be covering how we go about the other training as well during the course of the next few weeks. Our official training will begin on June 7, 2015. It is a 6 week training program and we hope you join along with us!.....In the next week, Pam will be getting a NEW pair of sneakers and retiring her old ones! (I think she should get two new pairs so that she can switch from day to day and not wear the same pair everyday. It helps......Our longest training run will be 7 miles.......and with a little rest and recovery this week we will be ready to run for our training program.

Since we will be running in Central Park, we will need to be able to run the hills. So there is a 5 mile course that is similar to the hills in Central Park right in my hometown. We will be doing hill repeats. (Although yesterday's marathon was a lot of hills, we do need to train on the hills to better equip our bodies to run them come July. We will also be heading into the city during our training to simulate race day even more, to get the whole experience of the hills and all the distractions the city has to offer.

Which brings me to another part of my training, I am a dog that loves to say hello to ALL around me, be it wildlife, other dogs, that tree I just oh wait a second- passed!, or that person- who may or may not need a little doggy kiss! (Wait, Pam we need to stop so I can give some doggy loo.vv.eeeeee- darn it!)

Pam and I need to be able to run the course safely so I can run alongside Pam properly and not run off to the side so much so as my leash is interfering with other runners!......Although during the last turkey trot, there were a lot of people and small paved walkways that called for me to be extremely careful too! And I was respectful of other runners then, I believe that the Doggy Dash course will be less crowded BUT the triathletes that we will be running with will be more tired and I need to respect that. Skyler told me all about her experiences doing this race and how she ran close to Pam! I will do my best to make her proud of me!

This week besides resting from running after our marathon.....Pam will be doing some other forms of exercise, I will make sure of it......she needs to add more consistent exercises everyday, or every other day at least to work on other muscles than her running muscles. Skyler told me it was up to her, Sandy, and Candycane before now I am added to the bunch!

So I think some situps this week are mandatory......and some planks as well......and crunches.......We will be devising a complete plan tomorrow (as well as starting on it). In order to run a good race (racing with ourselves first and foremost) we need to work on our core and make it as strong as possible! This is also help prevent injuries as well! Afterall everything is connected to everything!

We also want to start a virtual run, where we will help Kent Animal Shelter raise money and help us promote the idea and activity of running with your 4 legged companion! (Or two legged if I am talking to the 4 legged companion here!) We will be setting this up over the next week or two! In the meantime, it is EARLY in the morning  and I mean 1:30am so I am going to take a break now and get some SLEEP, gotta Sleep ( I will not say run  now as I did that yesterday! LOL!)......

Until tomorrow,
Have a great slumber,

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