Saturday, May 16, 2015

Late blog post today......

May 16, 2015-

As they say better late than never, right?!?!?!?
Ok, so we ran 12 miles today, when we started out we had a few drops of rain falling from the sky. Kinda like that of the story Henny Penny, just a few that we were able to count on one hand. BUT with the miles came more rain......and by mile 5 the rain came down and poured on us.

Pam wore her rain jacket because she had a feeling that it was going to rain! I on the other hand got soaking wet and ended up drying off at home. We finished the last two miles by running by the bagel store. There I had 4 bagels. Running 10 miles and then having the bagels, I was able to recarb. So thank you Boulevard Bagels!

Once I had my bagels we ran around to the vet office where I looked in and saw everyone, and then we ran across to the dogpark, straight through without stopping- I guess people were turned off by the rain and stayed home with their dogs. So we continued straight through to the dog trails, about halfway through we had to pass-surprise, surprise.......someone walking their dog, but we kept going!

We ran the last 1.5 miles home at that point and I was able to dry off a little while Pam showered and changed. Then Sandy, Candycane, Pam, and myself went outside to run in the backyard and Scout out the bunnies (don't worry no bunnies where hurt or ever will be!)

Tomorrow we will be getting things ready for our friend, Buddy who will be visiting with us for a day and a half.

Ok, so there you have our run for the day, tomorrow is a rest day BUT there is the race that runs past our house which I will be cheering on........See you tomorrow for my blog then!

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