Saturday, May 30, 2015

Three Legged Dog

May 30, 2015-

Today is a really quick blog......hope you get a lot out of it though!

The AMC recommends an exercise that we shall call "the Three Legged Dog".......

Basically your human is taking one of your legs (yes, one at a time!) and lifting it up and either forward (for front legs) or backwards (for rear legs). Up and in one direction! The grip should be light, so that we are not relying on our humans grip for support.

This exercise helps to improve our weight bearing and strength!

Our human companions can do the same as well of course it will take less time because they only have two legs......we can help by walking underneath them and bring their leg back or fact, we can have our humans bring their leg forward- STOP and rest- and then bring their leg back! This will help our companions with weight bearing and strength as well!

Our team is getting stronger!

Until tomorrow,
Have a tail waggin' day,

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