Sunday, May 10, 2015

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May 10, 2015-

After yesterday's 16 mile's rest was welcomed. Hey REST is an important part of training as well. Although we could run everyday! If one doesn't take time to rest their muscles as well as to stretch their muscles they can be doing more harm than good!

This goes for people and their pets. MUSCLES can be overtrained and injury can come of it. SO REST when you need to and train smart!

Tomorrow starts the final taper week- or week 15 of 16......we are almost there, almost marathon week! Once marathon week is over we immediately go into more training BUT not marathon training this time. And we will kick it up with some other training combined into the realm of things.

Pam and her Mom visited a friend, kinda like an adopted Mom if you will. She is going through some therapies to help herself as well as her dog and son, and countless others who depend on her! She is an inspiration to follow as she is working her butt off to get well. As someone who has not really been able to stand in the past due to losing a knee cap, and having very little (basically like having no  kneecap)kneecap in the other knee. She is undergoing so much and I wish her well, I hope this week I get to go see her. I hope she gets to go outside where I can visit her in the great outdoors while getting our dose of  Vitamin D!

Ok, I hope everyone out there has had a great Mothers Day. Until tomorrow,
Have a tail waggin day, and
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