Thursday, May 21, 2015

4 more days left......

May 20, 2015-

It was nice to get a good nights sleep last night, the night before Buddy kept crying for his people and home that we didn't get to sleep peacefully throughout the night. We still love Buddy though and we know he has been through a lot emotionally!

Today we ran 4 miles, basically we ran up to the dogpark and back.......we have a few more days to go and then Sunday is the big day!.......We definitely we be getting out sleep days before the marathon......and carbing up on Thursday and Friday, Saturday we will be resting more than anything........running 2 miles just to keep lose and be ready. On Sunday, we will be running not for a time, not to for any conditions we may have put on rhe run. Yes, we will be running for the dogs and cats at Kent Animal Shelter. When you donate through Crowdrise, we personally do not see a dime of that money instead Crowdrise cuts a check to Kent Animal Shelter. We like it that way! So for this fundraiser there are only a few days left. We do have another fundraiser in mind, that can and will be a lot of fun for ALL involved. Once again our mission as Six Legged Companion Coaches is to have everyone Get Their Leash On with their companion and get happy and healthy! We will talk more about the fundraiser as time goes on........the details will be worked out in the next few days, most likely on Monday May 25, 2015.

Okay, so we will be running as we said for the dogs and cats at Kent, we will be running with Skyler in our hearts, we will be running for our dog loving friend Rivkah- she will be keeping us hydrated throughout (right Rivkah.......keep telling your body this through the day!).......We will also be running for Dad as well as Rivkah, as it happens to be their birthdays! We will be running for Sandy, Candycane, Benji, and Buddy with them in our hearts as we run as well!.......We hope Buddy comes and checks on us during our run with his two legged companion. We hope to do several photo ops and post them directly to Facebook.......during our run! We will test it out during our run today, Pam usually just keeps running though and says we'll do this later and she never gets to it!....It may take a few minutes for each stop BUT we are willing to take the time as we are not timing the run, we are going to enjoy every step!

Ok, more in tomorrow's blog!...
Until tomorrow,
Don't forget about our fundraiser for the shelter that helped me find my furever home!
You can help us help them out (did I just go all Jerry Maguire on you all there?!?!?).....anyway click on these links and you can buy our book- in fact, we will start instead of just the month of May- we will extend it from April 15 to May 24th and with every book sold we will donate a portion of the proceeds to Kent Animal Shelter......
 Hard copy version:
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 To make a donation to Kent Animal Shelter go to out Crowdrise fundraiser page here:

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