Sunday, January 18, 2015

Scout's Training Blog- Black Ice

January 18, 2015-

Of course the day we resume our training the roads and sidewalks have patches of black ice (okay, many times white ice-but nevertheless that shiny surface which makes running or even walking dangerous! During our run today, we had to take it nice and out for oncoming cars with an extra precaution! And we tried to find as many grassy areas to run on along our path.

You may be able to see the shiny road surface in this video, and the grassy areas that get hound dogs like myself sniffing even more than on the road!

Along our way today, we did come across another dog who really wanted to jump the fence and join us on our run!
Hey at least I met a new friend!
See you tomorrow,
I am just so glad we got out there again!

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