Friday, January 16, 2015

Scout's Blog- Black and Blue Blues?!?!?!?

January 16,2015-

Today, Pam decided to give one more rest day to her thigh......she promised me either tomorrow or Sunday we will be resuming our training....after all our marathon training starts on February 2nd! And we have to keep in shape until then. We have to be ready to up our mileage.

In the meantime, today Pam was talking about the Pupilates training video she wants to do by mid February, starring ME. And the Doga training video starring Skyler!

As far as our marathon training goes, Pam was talking about of course the running portion of our training. But also the core workouts we need to do, to strengthen our cores. This included our pupilates exercises, and our Doga poses. She also mentioned how important the warmup and cooldowns were to training, and fueling our bodies right. Pam presently follows a vegan lifestyle, but most recently she has been thinking of going Raw Vegan til 4/ Vegan/ Paleo VEGAN.....of course, keep drinking water- a minimum of 2 liters a day!

There is so much that goes into training.

We will also be using Doterra Essential can order your own essential oils through me. I will be blogging more in February to include info on specific essential oils and the blends of these oils! DoTerra Oils have so many benefits to our health as well as our dogs health. I my goal is to uncover these to you this year!

The last week of January we will be sharing more about the specifics of the whole training regiment in which we will be taking on starting Feb 2nd!

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