Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Scout's Blog- Running and Falling andRecovery from a fall!

January 13, 2015-

Today, Pam and I joined a bunch of people from our running club early in the morning for a run. It was a 4.5 mile run......there was ice on the roads and trails but hey no said running would have PERFECT conditions right!

Everything started off ok, with the exception of the fact that Pam left the tethered leash in the truck and therefore had to handhold my leash the whole way. This was difficult for her because she has not trained like that in sometime. Not to mention the fact she left the lights and reflective vests in the truck. But others convinced her it would be ok, so she trusted the others.

Others were telling her how to run with me, and she listened BUT knew how we run together so well. Running safely together has a lot of things to think about involved in it. And knowing how you and your dog run together is part of that. Fortunately she left the earphones at home and ran without music to constantly communicate with the world around her. That was nice and smart!
I told them hey, I wrote the book on this.....LITERALLY!

Check out our new book.....I co authored it with my pack Skyler, Sandy, Candycane, and Benji....and oh yeah, Pam!

She also mentioned she does not claim to be an expect of course, not sure anyone truly is BUT she does try to do things safely and correct!
The falls that happened where due to Pam not running wrong but in not having the equipment she needed and being prepared for the dark, hilly trails that lied ahead!
The rest of the day, I felt kinda bad as Pam did come out of the run with a few scrapes on her knees and on her thigh,  BUT mostly her EGO! But I do know she will mend and all will be ok again. We are still planning on doing a run locally tomorrow, I'll take it nice and easy and we'll get though it again! Oh, and we'll be better prepared! And with Pam wearing her new running pants as well!
See you tomorrow,

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