Thursday, January 8, 2015

Scouts Training Blog- More Safety

January 8, 2015- 

You can never be too safe! Pam and I always wear our ID tags when we run, and in fact each of us has our own in case we are separated somehow! For me, I have a microchip embedded in me! And I have my dog id tags issued by the local authorities and also by Kent Animal Shelter! Another thing we should have on us are our rabies/ vaccination tags so that others know ok, we are good and up to date on our shots and are safe to be around!

Scout and his identification tags!

 Pam also wears her wristband (incidentally, they have id for dogs through too- check them out!) RoadID is interactive as well so if something happens and you are unable to speak officials can see if you need special care, or what not! Pam also wears her DogTags from the Army as well! I think she just likes the fact they're called DOG tags!

I just want my readers to go out there and be safe no matter where they are. So keep that ID on you at all times! We'll mention more safety things as time goes on this month so stay tuned and stay safe!

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