Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Scout's Training Blog- Snowy Run

January 6, 2015-

Scout watching his step on what could be slippery roadways!
Today Pam and I ran a short 2.5 mile run, we cut it short because of technical difficulties with the phone. Pam could have sworn the power was up to 97% before we left BUT it wasn't and the power cut off before we did. Not to mention one of the earbuds wasn't working and it was off balance while listening to it.

And while Pam was trying to fix the Nikeplus or whatever, fiddling around not paying attention to me...which is so very rare for her. I relieved myself and the owner of the property saw, not seeing me she continued on. When we got to the end of the street, the owner of the property asked Pam (he drove all the way down the road as opposed to telling Pam right then and there, hhmmm).....that  I had gone to the bathroom, and that she should pickup after me. So she asked which house and he said back there, of course he couldn't tell me which house....like she was going to run in and rob him blind.....NOT Pam just wanted to undo something that should not have happened in the first place, that is not picking up after her me and be responsible. Pam knew where it was as it was the only place we stopped, actually it could have been a little further down the road. So we turned around and went back to pickup the poop. LESSON learned: the next time I go out BE SURE the power is up on the phone and/ or watch and if something goes wrong PAY ATTENTION to EVERYTHING going on around you! (Like Pam usually does, she talks to me during our runs and makes sure I stay on the left side of the road, and out of traffic, she picks up after me (and goes back if she misses anything, LOL!)

I refuse to be one of these people who literally just walk away from responsibility. Of course, he could park his two cars in his driveway, so that others on the curve of the road there, those on foot do not have to walk or run in the middle of the road and endanger their lives.

But Pam can rest assured that she did the right thing and went back before going on.

Can you guess the song that was playing and I was"singing" along to!?!?!?
See you tomorrow for more training and running adventures!

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