Sunday, February 1, 2015

The day before......

February 1, 2015-

Tomorrow, our marathon training begins.......
This is the warmup week for the next 16 weeks of training- (lucky us we get to start running in the snowy weather!)

Here is our first week of training runs:

Monday, Feb 2- 4 miles
 The goal is to do a 4 mile warmup and stay energized for the first speed workout tomorrow

Tuesday, Feb 3- 6 miles
  The goal is to our first speed workout. Starting with a 1 mile warmup, then trying a fartlek (alternating every 2 minutes between faster and slower pace- keeping this up for 4 miles)
  And finishing the last mile with a light cooldown.

Wednesday, Feb 4- 5 miles
  The goal is to run 5 miles at an easy comfortable pace today. And to get ready for the first cross         training day tomorrow.

Thursday, Feb 5- Cross Training today
  Try a session of  Yoga or Doga. Or a Nike Training club workout!

Friday, Feb 6- 4 miles
  The goal is to run 3 miles at a comfortable, easy pace and finish the last mile at a faster pace.

Saturday, Feb 7- 10 miles
  The goal is to run 10 miles at a comfortable, easy pace.

Sunday,Feb 8- REST

Each day we will include some Active Isolated Stretching and we will be adding the videos of us doing these stretches each day for relax we will not leave you out of the loop on that part of our training. Stretching is a very important part of running, it can mean the difference between being injury free or not! And improve running times and experience!

Oh our marathon is also a fundraiser for the shelter that brought me to my pack, and Pam!
Here is the link to donate, all the money goes straight to Kent Animal Shelter:

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