Wednesday, April 29, 2015

8 miles of running.....

April 29, 2015-

Today Pam and I set out to run 8 miles and that's what we did.......we did enjoy every step along the way as well....I set a great pace for Pam as well. She even complimented me on the choice of pace.....a pace that we can just run along and enjoy everything along the way, as well as each others company!

We ran up to St James FD, the sub station, that is to finally pickup our tshirt, and wouldn't you know it, we got TWO! Ha, the awesome fireman gave one to Pam for ME! I will be sporting my tshirt soon!.....I do love this tshirt and one I get really be proud of, it was Skyler's favorite as well, as it has St James (part of the town of Smithtown or rather OUR TOWN!) on it, as well as being a running shirt, and from a great course- oh yeah did I mention it has a dog on it.....I mean heck yeah, this is our type of shirt!

Skyler and Pam along the course at the St James 5 mile Run, at their favorite spot to chill out at! Especially before heading up Corwood Rd!

Back to today's run, we headed back to Nesconset after we picked up our shirts at a nice easy pace, we headed towards the bagel store.....I had a hard time leaving the dumpster because I knew there were bagels in there, but Pam said they were to far down to get so she said she would get me a treat afterwards so I continued on!

It was a really nice day for a really nice run......3.5 weeks of training left......ya keeping up with us?!??!?!

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Have a tail waggin' day and I'll see you tomorrow,
Scout and Pam

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