Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Daily Blog Day 1 of 39

April 15, 2015-

Today Pam and I ran a nice and easy 8 miles and I was thinking I am going to start my blogs today to tell you a little bit about ME! And the breed I primarily am!

As you can see from the photo on the right, I am primarily an American Fox Hound, yes, I am a good ole American MUTT. As the North Shore Animal League coined the term.....I am a Muttigree!

When Pam was looking for another dog she came across my profile online at Kent Animal Shelter, and it said "READY TO RUN!" this caught her eye! Little did she know just how ready I was. She knows about different breeds and all BUT with all the breeds out there, knowing every detail about every breed is tough! So as she did her research, she found that the breed is a great running partner for anyone.

The American Foxhound breed are found primarily in the Southern and Eastern United States. Of course, fox hunters travel by horse right- hhmmm....I guess keeping up with these larger and fast animals one needs to be able to run?!?!?!? Of course foxes are pretty quick themselves- hhmmm......Now I want to go run the trails and Scout out foxes! Watch out Pam, you will be hitting that 4 minute mile soon,  hehehehehe.......

Foxhounds are NOT homebodies and if given the chance we will roam! So keep that leash on me, as Pam found out once or twice, do not let me escape my harness or you will be chasing after me! And keep up with that obedience training, as we need to learn those basic commands and knowing to sit, stay, come when called can definitely save our lives in a moments notice! (I will get Pam to video some of our basic obedience training to share with you this during the next month and a half of daily blogs- yes, everyday we will bringing a new blog to you, so tune in every day and follow our blog to get them sent directly to you everyday!)

Fouxhounds are EXTREMELY ACTIVE- and need one to two hours a day of exercise. One should take them on long meandering walks with lots of sniffing time or take them on a run with them! (Even during a run our noses are working overtime so we may want to sniff everything around us, PLEASE let us sniff more often, and allow time during your runs to let us sniff.....although we can run at great speeds we do like to slow things down a little to "SCOUT" out things when we sense something in the area!  Therefore I am thankful Pam let's me be a dog on our runs, whew thankfully she is not a 4 minute miler yet, but I will get her there within time! Maybe for our July race! Hehehehehe.....

I will talk more about the primary breed of the American Foxhound tomorrow so tune in.......
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Have a tail waggin' day and I'll see you tomorrow,
Scout and Pam

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