Thursday, April 30, 2015

A quick 5 miles to start the day.......

April 30, 2015-

Pam and I started out on a 5 mile run this morning, it was a really nice day today. Along the way, we met with a few friends along our course for the day. I waited with Lilly and her companions for the bus for a few minutes. Then we came across our Schnauzer friend that we met before.  We continued running after our meetups.....

After we finished our 5 mile run, Pam brought me into the vet office, where we dropped off my stool sample (Pam double bagged it for them and then took a coffee cup and put the bag into the cup and covered it for them....just so that they wouldn't have to handle it before it was time to do so- she thought it was kind of her, I hope they thought so too!)

Anyway, before my vet visit, we had enough time to check out the local dogpark right across the street. So, we headed over to the dogpark. There I made a few new is the video to show a few of my new friends......

We only got to stay a few minutes because we had an appointment at the vet BUT Benji and I ended up going back to meet another dog after my vet visit......
After a quick romp at the dogpark, we headed back over to the vet office, before going in I had to check to see if there were any bagels (you never know within a few minutes or so they can throw out the bagels.....) There weren't any BUT I ended up getting my bagels away!
Here I am at the vet, I really like my vet and the vet technicians there......I highly recommend them....I like them so much I was licking them the whole time.....and when the vet tech went into the other room I wanted to follow her. If only Pam didn't have the leash on me!  They really talk to their clients and their two legged companions that come in with them, oh I have to mention they do a through exam and ask all the questions to really get to know me, Skyler, Sandy, Candycane, Benji.....etc.....
I think I can guarantee Pam that I will still pull her to go into the vet everytime we run past. As well as dig the bottom of the door to try to get in! Yes, I fight to get into the vet office NOT out! Pam still cannot figure this out....ok, she can but it's the oxymoron of the dog world! Good job, Dr  Amy Maguire, DVM and vet techs ( excuse me for not having your names here, BUT as a hound dog- I have your scent instilled in my nose- so I know you are good people!)

Oh I have to say I went to the vet to get updated with my shots/vaccinations!.....To include my distemper, my Bordella, etc....and to have my heartworm test done, tested for parasites, etc....oh I also found out my weight- I weigh 53.80 pounds!  Not bad, I nice weight for the type of dog I am.....I weigh just about what Skyler weighed , wait, I think she weighed more.....but she was perfect for her breed type too. Pam keeps us in really good shape- no, we keep her in good shape and we therefore keep ourselves in good shape!

Once we left the office, Benji was waiting outside so we decided to get Benji and walk home, but before going home we decided to also stop off at the dogpark one more time for a romp and to meet new friends! There we met a dog named Stanley, and got to run and have fun!
Once we ran around and sniffed some butts, we put our leashed back on and headed home.
When we got home I got my bagels, along with Sandy and Candycane....Benji had a half a bagel of course we couldn't forget him!
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Have a tail waggin' day and I'll see you tomorrow,
Scout and Pam


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