Saturday, April 18, 2015

Today's training blog.......

April 18, 2015-

Today Pam and I head out early for a 20 mile run and that's what we did. We started out at home and ran to St James. Where we took a bathroom break and picked up our race bib for the St James 5 miler! (the president of the Greater Long Island Running Club calls it the St James Half Marathon, and even had a shirt made up saying so!) After our pickup and bathroom stop, we continued on and ran the course backwards to end up at the start!......I decided to do a Skyler and start lunging at bikes that came at me, which literally took Pam by surprise! I had never done this before. So whenever we came across bike riders Pam started to roll up my leash and hold me tight and close- apparently this is what she did with Skyler! (that's my girlfriend!)
When we got to the start we ran a little bit more to bring the total distance before the race to 10 miles, we still ended up waiting a good 20- 25 minutes before the start of the race though, I got to say hi to a few fellow dog who would be walking the race. Before we knew it the race was underway, we stayed in the back of the crowd for safety reasons. Of course I saw this little Pomerian dog that was running along and I just wanted to go over and say Hi, and of course with his short little legs for every step of mine he had to take what 10?!?!??! so I had to keep turning around at the start of the race to try to say Hi....and I kept pulling Pam back......
At about 2.25 miles we caught up with a fellow GLIRC runner, Jose Mendez, this was about 12.5 miles for us......check this video out!
Pam kept questioning during the whole race why I wanted to run along side others and not her.....honestly I want to get her to run alongside others while I try to get her a few steps if not further along! Hey, winning a race here or there can be fun! I'll be working on her in the months to come, I mean we have the Doggy Dash coming up in July!
Soon it came time to go up Corwood Rd, this is a 1/2 mile uphill twisty road that we went up......Check this video out......
When we came to the finish line of the race, we finished the 5 mile race but still kept going for yet another 5 miles......Oh I have to mention I got the cheers coming across the finish line, they all cheered for me- Pam may have gotten one or two cheers BUT they were all impressed by ME not Pam, ha! Watch this video of me crossing the finishing line!
When we finished our training run, we came home and rested after a long yet enjoyable 20 miles!
Until tomorrow,
Have a tail wagging day,
and Get Your Leash On!,
Scout and Pam

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