Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Rest Days.......

April. 13, 2015-

I was told by Pam that even REST days are important! Okay, I know they are but hey I just want to run......so today we went on a 3.50 mile walk with Benji. And to prove that this was not enough for me, I slipped out of my harness while Benji was taking his time and sniffing on one side of a fenceline. I couldn't wait! I just wanted to run! So I had Pam pulling Benji along to come and chase me and put me back on my harness. I had fun, running top speed in an open field, around the corner, etc. I felt bad I did this and also felt I made my point so I let Pam catch me fairly quickly! She did get upset with me and for the majority of the rest of the walk she held me on a short lead! When we got to a certain point she even held my collar because she knows I always try to pull her over to a certain area and try to get free......and since we were walking nice and easy on our rest day she knew she had to do so (she was right I wanted to go search for something, sshhh...Pam knows there is something there but she doesn't know exactly what I am searching for.......hehehehe......)

Anyway, we finally got to my favorite recarbing station- "Boulevard Bagels" and there I had a bagel twist and one bagel, Benji opted to forego the bagels for the day, I think he is really trying to lose those extra pounds! I truly am so proud of him! I would do the same but at this point I do not have to......
I do want to add these are the BEST BAGELS in town, they are not just saying this.....about 1 or 2 weeks ago there were no bagels for me thrown in the dumpster (yes, I have Pam dumpster dive for me- she only dives into things when they are on the top but so worth it).....but there was a kid standing by the back door with a bagel in his hand and I pulled Pam over and stole it from him, I must say the kid was 3 or 4 and just standing there and watching me and coming closer and closer, he was unsupervised, I mean the parents of him were asking for it! I mean HELLO parents if I need to be leashed why not leash your kid if only for safety reasons!
On our walk, we did walk through the Nesconset Park- no dogpark today BUT through the paved walkways.......then we headed home.......
Pam was a little nervous walking up the driveway as with two dogs she would have been pulled in each direction and dragged for sometime....walking up she held us both close and had us head straight up. The reason being was that she spotted not one but two bunny rabbits on each side of the hill, she was telling the rabbits to stay still and let us pass guiding us straight past. Once we got up the hill she opened the gate and let us go......
It was a nice "rest" day for me......but I cannot wait to run tomorrow!
Until Tuesday,
Keep your leash on and take your dog for a walk,
Scout and Pam
Oh- I want to mention as you take your dog for a walk.......check this out.....you can raise money for Kent Animal Shelter as well......check this out!

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