Thursday, April 16, 2015

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April 16, 2015-

More about the American Foxhound breed (my primary breed)......The breed dates back to the 1700's and were bred from English and French Foxhounds by, I cannot tell a lie, George Washington. The English Foxhounds arrived in America in 1650 with the English Settlers. It is noted that the breed was used in seeking out native people, this is been said to be a rumor.

Back in 1700, George Washington first bred the breed by combining the English and French Foxhounds which had their own set of unique characteristics. Although they were used to seek out animals and have a STRONG sense of smell, Washington a breed that had a stronger sense of smell than the current breeds and incredible speed and stamina. Therefore the American Foxhound is leaner, lighter, and faster than the English and French breeds. They do make great companions and have HIGH energy levels. Their very sensitive nose can lead to a very stubborn dog. Their special bark consists of a loud, deep bark followed by a high pitched howl, the bark is so harmonious that it has appeared in songs!
I will talk more about the primary breed of the American Foxhound tomorrow so tune in.......
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