Monday, April 6, 2015

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April 7, 2015-
This past week we had a 16 mile run where we ran from our house to Nissequoque Hills, running the hills and back home. Of course, I gotta say Pam had a bit of trouble on Saturday as she really needed to go to the bathroom. And as we ran through a residential area, and of course me being with her, it was a do I knock on doors to see if she could use their bathroom or does she just keep going. At one point Pam told me: and I quote "I wish I was dog, heck I have bags to pick up after myself! Scout you guys are so lucky!" as I lifted my leg Pam said "do not rub it in!"
After we've been running our shorter 5 and 8 mile runs lately, we have been cooling down with a 1 mile walk which Benji joins us on from time to time.....We come up the driveway, Benji comes running over to the gate and off we go again.
I do want to suggest to Pam and all other runners, dog walkers, solo walkers, etc to follow some simple rules though so that we can all stay safe and sound and really enjoy our time out and about.
Here in NY at least, it is in the NYS driving manual that pedestrians walk, and run against traffic. Keeping to the left side of the road. There is a reason for this, let me explain: when we are facing traffic we have direct eye contact with any oncoming traffic. And therefore we can communicate effectively in the need of any emergencies. And if the need arise we can simply get out of the way, whereas if we walk or run in the same direction one would need to turn around and waste precious moments doing to have to communicate with others so which can mean the difference between life and death.
I must mention running with your dog, your dog should be on your left side of your person, as well being that you are taller than your dog and you are more apt to be seen first! And we should be putting our dogs safety into our concern. Running with your dog ahead of you is okay, but on your left side is optimal.
Also if you are running on the wrong side of the road and someone comes running on the correct side of the road, one person will need to run around and either run up on the curbside where it can be potentially dangerous due to possible uneven ground, or run in the middle of the road where cars can be and slowing the slowest car down can take some distance and things can happen. 
Basically when your running or walking out and about, think about not let this be a condition that will ruin a great outing!
Scout and Pam 

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